About Cavan Community Wi-Fi Network.

Our goal is to provide open free wi-fi access to users in the rural community,
by providing "Hot Spots" for mobile users And fixed
wireless access to homes and buisnesses in the local area from our Access Points (AP's).
We hope to provide a family freindly Platform for the development of online services that serve the local community as well as providing
free access to the internet for users that need it. It is important to us to provide local interst content on the network and we can do this by making
services available on the network,such as local messaging, local disscusion area's Local media streaming, online gaming all on a secure network.
Users can use the platform to develop their own applications and web content, this would only be available to local users.
We will encourage users to set up their own servers and applications on the network.
If you log in to this server we would expect you to use your real name and the area you are from
, ie country/county/townland/village/town. We do not require an address simply an area. A telphone number would be nice but not required,
if you log in using an alias then please leave a messge in the support confence to the sysop giving real name info (Please).

We do not install client hardware or provide it. We will suggest hardware to use on our network and info on where to obtain it. We can also put you in contact with insured and qualified installers. For fixed home or biz you are looking at around a 100 plus for hardware and then, instalation, but thats it NO more costs ! Free internet for all your devices ! If any user has issues or problems with the network or network services we do have a support speciaist available on demand. All problems due to issues on the network or any of the services we provide will be treated as promtly as possible.


Cavan Rural Community Wi-Fi Network.