Welcome to the System user pages
All registerd users of our system can upload pages to be presented on this server.
We try to encourage users to use this service whether they are "Pros or Hams" We would especially encourage the use of our platform
to allow users to help in the developement of their web coding skills.

To use this service you need to be a registered user of the system. The administrator will then set up a private file area for your use Once set up you can then upload your web page via the file area upload menu. You should use the following directory format. public/user/images/* an Index page is basic requirment in the root(user) dir.The user dir can
be any name, by default the sysop user the users log in first name. But this can be anything you wish. Users can have any number of sub directories under the root dir this would be usful if you have lots of pages to mount. Also a user with only 1 or two pages to mount can keep all files in one dir and do away with the imagies dir. Your Url will be in the form www.crcwn.online/public/username/index.htm .

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